Twitter Considers Legal Measures Against Meta’s New App, Threads

Twitter Considers Legal Measures Against Meta's New App, Threads

“Threads,” Meta’s Twitter-like platform, debuts to millions, denying allegations of Twitter staff involvement. Over 70 million users have already signed up for Threads, while Twitter boasts an estimated 350 million users.

Twitter Considers Legal Measures Against Meta's New App, Threads

Threads gained the same number of users in a day that it took Twitter four years to achieve, leveraging Meta’s existing two billion monthly users on Instagram. Threads closely resembles Twitter in terms of its interface and features, including news feeds and reposting.

Twitter would need to prove intellectual property infringement, such as code replication, to succeed in legal action against Meta. Meta holds a patent for the “newsfeed” system used on Facebook, which displays the latest posts.

Twitter’s attorney accuses Meta of unlawfully misappropriating trade secrets and intellectual property, alleging the hiring of former Twitter employees who had access to confidential information. Both Meta and Twitter have been approached for comment.

Elon Musk commented on the rivalry, emphasizing the importance of fair competition. Meta refutes claims of former Twitter employees on their Threads engineering team. Experts believe Threads could provide a “brand-safe environment” for Instagram advertisers and anticipate a steady increase in user numbers.

Mark Zuckerberg broke his Twitter silence, posting a popular meme illustrating the rivalry between the two platforms.

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