10 Best Places for Lifeguard Certification Near Me

10 Best Places for Lifeguard Certification Near Me

Are you thinking about becoming a lifeguard? Whether you’re looking to start a rewarding career or just want to be prepared to save lives at the beach or pool, getting your lifeguard certification is essential.

American Lifeguard USA is a great resource for finding the best lifeguard certification near me. In this article, we’ll explore the top 10 places where you can get lifeguard certification and everything you need to know about each program.

Why Get Lifeguard Certification?

Benefits of Lifeguard Certification

Becoming a certified lifeguard comes with a host of benefits. Not only do you gain valuable lifesaving skills, but you also get the chance to work in a variety of fun and dynamic environments like pools, beaches, and water parks. Lifeguard certification is also a great addition to your resume, showing employers that you have the skills and training to handle emergencies.

Career Opportunities

With a lifeguard certification, you can pursue various career opportunities. You can work at community pools, resorts, cruise ships, and even as a private lifeguard for special events. Moreover, many certified lifeguards go on to careers in healthcare, law enforcement, and other emergency services.

How to Choose the Best Lifeguard Certification Program

Accreditation and Standards

When choosing a lifeguard certification program, it’s crucial to ensure that the program is accredited and meets national standards. Accreditation ensures that the training you receive is up to par with industry requirements and will be recognized by employers.

Course Content and Duration

Different programs offer different course content and durations. Some may focus more on pool safety, while others might include open water and advanced rescue techniques. Make sure to choose a program that fits your needs and career goals.

Cost and Accessibility

Cost is another important factor to consider. Some programs might be more expensive than others, but they could also offer more comprehensive training. Additionally, consider the location and schedule of the courses to ensure they are convenient for you.

Top  Places for Lifeguard Certification Near Me

American Lifeguard USA


American Lifeguard USA is known for its comprehensive and flexible training programs. They offer both in-person and blended learning options to suit different needs.

Course Details

Their courses cover all essential lifeguard skills, including CPR, AED, and first aid. They also offer specialized training for different aquatic environments.

Lifeguard Certification

The American Lifeguard is one of the most recognized names in lifeguard certification. Their programs are thorough and widely accepted.

Course Details

Courses include water rescue skills, surveillance, CPR, first aid, and AED training. They also offer recertification classes to keep your skills up to date.

Lifeguard Certification


The Lifeguard offers well-structured lifeguard training programs that are perfect for individuals looking to work at community pools and camps.

Course Details

Their courses include pool safety, rescue techniques, first aid, CPR, and AED training. They also focus on leadership and communication skills.

City Parks and Recreation Departments


Many city parks and recreation departments offer lifeguard certification courses. These programs are often convenient and affordable.

Course Details

Typically, these courses include CPR, first aid, water rescue techniques, and AED training. They are ideal for those looking to work at local pools and beaches.

Local Community Colleges


Community colleges frequently offer lifeguard certification programs as part of their continuing education departments.

Course Details

Courses at community colleges often provide in-depth training, including hands-on practice in a variety of water safety skills, CPR, and first aid.

American Aquatics and Safety Training


American Aquatics and Safety Training provides comprehensive lifeguard courses that are up-to-date with current industry standards.

Course Details

Their training includes water rescue techniques, CPR, AED, and first aid. They also offer specialized training for different aquatic environments.

American Lifeguard Association (ALA)

The USLA offers certification programs specifically designed for beach lifeguards, focusing on open water safety.

Courses include surf rescue techniques, CPR, AED, and first aid. They also emphasize physical fitness and endurance.


Choosing the right lifeguard certification program is a crucial step towards becoming a skilled and confident lifeguard. Whether you choose American Lifeguard USA or another reputable provider, ensure that the program meets your needs and prepares you for the challenges of lifeguarding. Each of the programs listed above offers unique advantages, so take the time to research and select the one that’s right for you.

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