The Story of an Intersex Cat (Jerry)

The Story of an Intersex Cat (Jerry)

The Back Story

My name is Noor .Today you will hear about the story of a cat rescue .His name is jerry. A cute brown colored kitten. One day brother Rawa, Guru Alisha, and I went to meet a friend. That friend was on ice drugs and where she stayed, everyone did some kind of drugs.

They had kept a cat – it was cutest thing I ever saw! There we found Jerry who was hungry for food. Jerry was getting weak and his condition was getting worse. We were saddened to see him in this condition. But the disappointing thing was that it was underfed and almost reaching to malnutrition. The place was Jerry kept was horrible – it was dirty and tacky, it had only one window and no water at all.

The Story of an Intersex Cat (Jerry)
The Story of an Intersex Cat (Jerry)

Our druggie friend said that you should take it away with you as it is not looked after at all. We fed Jerry. Brother brought him after 3 days and Alisha named him Jerry. A few days later, we found out that jerry was intersex. Then we decided that jerry would keep it at home.

Rawa brother already had a lot of cats at home and he couldn’t keep it and Guru Alisha couldn’t take care of it as she does 3 jobs. We thoughts we should give it to lost dog and cat rescue foundation.

We decided that we will give it at cat rescue adoption. Guru Alisha was furious that we cannot keep it for a long time. Rawa brother posted a lot of times for the kittens adoption but no one came forward.

Jerry Got Lost

One day, Ahila (another friend of ours), came to Guru Alisha’s home and while getting her bike out of the garage, Jerry slid outside. Me and Guru Alisha looked everywhere but couldn’t find Jerry at all.

The same night, we had a party at home with a couple of guests and Rawa brother found out what had happened. Brother was almost crying when Shani shaid don’t worry it will come back. The next morning, Rawa bhai was surprised by Guru Alisha that Jerry is back.

He was over the moon and got Jerry some treats! Jerry was at our neighbors’ home. The neighbors loved Jerry so much that they wanted to keep him but we were skeptical if they could take care of him.

What’s Next for Jerry?

As of now, Jerry is now a part of our home. Everyone is attached to it. No one wants to give it away for adoption and Jerry is happy and most important, healthy!

The Story of an Intersex Cat (Jerry)
The Story of an Intersex Cat (Jerry)

Ice (Crystal Methamphetamine) and the Society

Ice has become an enemy of the youth! Ice has killed more people compared to people who have died with cancer from 2016 to 2023. Ice not affects the person but the people around them as well.

In Jerry’s case, the most sorrowful thing was that Jerry is an animal and its’ mute. It cannot speak for itself and an ice druggie can feel nothing for anyone. It was Jerry’s and our luck that we found him.

Why People Don’t Accept Stray Cats?

Another dejected thing about the society is that they are status cautions and they only opt for fancy breed cats. Whereas, stray cats are more loving compared to the fancy breeds. I mean I have witnessed and experienced – Jerry is not demanding and he eats whatever you give him. Though, we feed him boiled chicken. People should be empathy for stray cats and dogs, should keep needy animals, and must love rescue cats.


In conclusion, people should keep away from ice and keep stray cats closely. If people cannot home them, at least they should give away leftover food to them. Ice is killing people inside out and it is hurting the creatures who are dependent on us. It is a good story to be told on Pride Month.

For Donation

If anybody wishes to donate for Jerry, call at: 03093201201

The Story of an Intersex Cat (Jerry)

The Contributors / Rescuers

Alisha Sherazi
Rawa John

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