Freed Palestinians claim mistreatment in Israeli prisons

Freed Palestinians claim mistreatment in Israeli prisons.

Palestinian prisoners released from Israeli jails report incidents of abuse and collective punishment following the Hamas attacks on Israel in October. They describe being subjected to beatings, attacks by muzzled dogs, and confiscation of belongings.

Freed Palestinians claim mistreatment in Israeli prisons.
Freed Palestinians claim mistreatment in Israeli prisons.

One female prisoner alleges threats of rape, and guards are accused of tear-gassing inmates inside cells. Six individuals claim to have been beaten before their release. The Palestinian Prisoners Society alleges instances of guards urinating on handcuffed prisoners, and reports six deaths in Israeli custody in the past seven weeks. Israel maintains that all prisoners are held in accordance with the law.

The case of eighteen-year-old Mohammed Nazzal, released in exchange for Israeli hostages, involves disputed accounts of mistreatment, including a video released by the prison service challenging his claims. Other released prisoners share similar stories of changed behavior by guards after the October attacks, describing beatings and threats.

The Palestinian Prisoners Society notes a rise in Palestinian deaths in custody since the October attacks, while Israel acknowledges four deaths without specifying causes. The pain persists for Mohammed Nazzal, who claims his hands were fractured in custody, and his family observes a changed demeanor in him since his release.

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