Fleeing 2 AM Air Strike in Gaza Amid Children’s Screams

Fleeing 2 AM Air Strike in Gaza Amid Children's Screams

“Gaza’s sole power plant has exhausted its fuel supply, and the availability of medical and food resources is diminishing, following another night during which hundreds rushed into the streets to escape unrelenting airstrikes.

“At 02:00 on Wednesday, a neighbor knocked on my door and informed me to vacate my flat immediately as it was under attack. “Israeli air raids have now extended into their fifth consecutive day.

Fleeing 2 AM Air Strike in Gaza Amid Children's Screams
Fleeing 2 AM Air Strike in Gaza Amid Children’s Screams

“The predicament confronting 2.3 million people in Gaza is becoming increasingly dire, with no viable means of exiting the confined region.

“The solitary power station in Gaza ceased operations completely on Wednesday at 14:00 local time (11:00 GMT), according to authorities.

“Israel halted the provision of essential resources, such as fuel, to the blockaded area on Monday following an aggressive incursion by Hamas militants.

“The absence of primary power sources has forced Gaza residents to rely on generators for electricity, but there is no means to import fuel for these generators.

“At present, the possibility of leaving the area is extremely limited, as Israeli border crossings have been sealed, and Egypt had to close its sole entry point with Gaza due to nearby airstrikes.

“I made an effort to evacuate my family because the future here is uncertain – but that endeavor proved impossible.

“In the early hours of Tuesday, I woke my three children, collected our emergency kit, and headed to the hospital.

“However, upon arrival, we encountered hundreds of individuals obstructing the entrance – they too were seeking shelter for the night.

“Half-asleep children cried out as they navigated the streets while rockets soared above.

“On Wednesday morning, Hamas reported 30 casualties from the overnight airstrikes. In total, over 1,000 Gazans have lost their lives in the retaliatory air assaults.

“Israel’s military declared that they had targeted 450 sites within the Gaza Strip in the last 24 hours.

“These airstrikes commenced after Hamas militants infiltrated Israel and launched a series of attacks on communities in the southern part of the country, resulting in the deaths of at least 1,200 Israelis. An estimated 150 individuals are currently being held hostage by Hamas.”

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