Continuing for a Second Day, Israel’s Lethal Raids Persist in West Bank

Continuing for a Second Day, Israel's Lethal Raids Persist in West Bank

Israel’s Military Operation in West Bank Leaves 10 Palestinians Dead and Forces Thousands to Flee. Israel’s largest military operation in years in the occupied West Bank continued for a second day, with a death toll of at least 10 Palestinians and the displacement of thousands from their homes. The raid, conducted by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s far-right government, targeted the city of Jenin using armored vehicles, army bulldozers, and drone strikes.

Continuing for a Second Day, Israel's Lethal Raids Persist in West Bank

The streets of Jenin were deserted on Tuesday, with closed shops and debris scattered from the previous day’s fighting. Drones were observed overhead, and the refugee camp in the city showed significant damage. The Israeli army reported ongoing counterterrorism activities, including neutralizing an underground explosives storage shaft and dismantling two operational situation rooms of terrorist organizations in the area.

The conflict resulted in 10 deaths, 100 injuries (20 of them serious), and the evacuation of a wounded Israeli soldier by military helicopter. Approximately 3,000 people fled their homes in the Jenin refugee camp, seeking shelter in schools and other locations in Jenin city.

Witnesses described the destruction caused by bulldozers and expressed sorrow over the loss of people’s homes. The situation remains tense, with preparations being made for possible prolonged fighting.

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