Buy a Castle in UK for $37,000

Buy a Castle in UK for $37,000

A Scottish castle is currently on the market for offers over £30,000 ($37,000), but there is a catch; the current owners estimate that an additional £12 million ($14.8 million) is required for its restoration.

Located on Fetlar, the fourth largest of the Shetland Islands, Brough Lodge is situated in one of the most remote parts of the UK.

It can be reached by ferry from the Shetland mainland, which is an hour and a half flight from Edinburgh or a three-and-a-half-hour flight from London.

Buy a Castle in UK for $37,000
Buy a Castle in UK for $37,000

According to the Fetlar Community Association website, the island is home to approximately 69 people, which is an increase from its lowest population of 48 in early 2009.

The castle is nestled into the hillside, offering views of Fetlar’s grassland and rugged cliffs stretching down to the sea, as well as the surrounding islands.

Brough Lodge was constructed in 1825 by local merchant Arthur Nicolson in a Gothic style, reportedly influenced by his European tours.

Since the 1970s, it has been unoccupied, although the current owners, the Brough Lodge Trust, made it wind and watertight about 10 years ago following a fundraising campaign.

In addition to the main house, the property includes a courtyard, several walled gardens, and an oval-shaped tower folly, which was once an observatory and built on the site of a broch—a type of Iron Age roundhouse unique to Scotland.

The Brough Lodge Trust is seeking “a philanthropic entrepreneur” to transform the castle into a 24-bedroom retreat. According to a statement to CNN Wednesday, the trust has already received several expressions of interest.

“Some potential buyers have visited the Lodge and discussed the possibilities with trustees,” said Drew Ratter, the trust director, in the statement. “We are exploring a detailed proposal from one potential buyer but would still be interested in hearing from other philanthropic entrepreneurs to achieve the best outcome for both the building and the community in Fetlar.”

Buy a Castle in UK for $37,000
Buy a Castle in UK for $37,000

The trust envisions the retreat attracting guests who are interested in various cultural activities, including the renowned textile making of Shetland, yoga, and guided wildlife tours.

“Our vision is to transform Brough Lodge, a category A-Listed Building set in approximately 40 acres of land, into a world-class retreat that will delight all who visit,” stated the trust on its website.

The plans involve respecting the building’s historic character while offering new accommodation that harmonizes with the surroundings, including up to 24 double bedrooms and other essential facilities like an elevated dining room.

The trust hopes that this project will also provide up to 14 job opportunities for the island community, which traditionally faces limited employment prospects.

Proceeds from the sale will support the Brough Lodge Trust’s work in preserving Shetland’s hand-knitting tradition by providing tuition for local school children.

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