9 Bodies Found in Flooded Tunnel in South Korea

9 Bodies Found in Flooded Tunnel in South Korea

Nine Bodies Recovered as Rescuers Struggle to Reach Trapped Vehicles in South Korean Flooded Tunnel. Trapped in their cars due to rapidly pouring flood water, passengers and drivers in a flooded tunnel near Cheongiu, South Korea, have become victims of the torrential rain that has plagued the region.

The death toll has reached 37 from the flooding, landslides, and power outages that have affected the country. At present, nine individuals remain missing. Although the exact number of people trapped in the 685-meter-long tunnel in Osong is uncertain, it is believed that 15 vehicles are submerged.

9 Bodies Found in Flooded Tunnel in South Korea

Efforts to rescue those trapped led to the recovery of bodies, including several found inside a bus, while nine survivors were saved on Saturday. The families of the victims argue that the local authorities’ response was inadequate, claiming that the tragedy could have been prevented had the authorities acted promptly after the river flood control office issued a warning about rising water levels in the area.

The mountainous North Gyeongsang region also experienced numerous fatalities due to landslides that swept away entire houses. South Korea encountered approximately 300mm of rainfall on Saturday, a significant amount considering that the country usually receives 1,000mm to 1,800mm of rainfall annually.

The Korean Meteorological Association predicts more rain until the following Wednesday and has labeled the weather conditions as “grave.”

The flooding and landslides witnessed in various countries, such as India, China, and Japan, over the past two weeks, have been attributed in part to climate change, which intensifies the likelihood of extreme rainfall events.

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